Friday, May 1, 2009

Washington Politicians Are Idiots!!

Two wars to be fought! Huge economic meltdown to be turned around! Millions losing their jobs and their homes! Pirates running amok and kidnapping hundreds! A pandemic on the horizon! Our infrastructure falling down around our ears! And what is congress considering this week? How to regulate the college football national championship!

What's the matter, Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, all that other stuff too boring for you? Do you really have every other pressing problem in this country solved so that you have time for this inane nonsense?

Come on, people, wake up! College football is fun, it is exciting, it is riveting, it is compelling, but what it is NOT is important to the welfare of our country. Who wins or loses a college football game will not change you life one iota! You will still have to go to work, pay your utility bills, feed your family, buy gas for your car, change diapers, drive the kids all over town, pay your taxes and do housework and yardwork. And your favorite team winning a game will not help you do any of that! So why in the name of Thomas Jefferson is Joe Barton wasting valuable time in Congress crying about the fact that the Longhorns didn't get to play for the BCS version of the national championship? Grow up, Joe! You were not elected to spend your time on such trivial matters. You were not elected to waste the valuable time of your fellow representatives, time that, I am certain, they would much rather be using to solve some serious problems.

As President Andrew Shepherd said in the movie "The American President, "We have serious problems and we need serious people to solve them!" Well Joe, if you don't want to be serious about your job, then resign from it and let someone with a lot more common sense take over. You can then spend all the time you want fretting about your favorite college football team, but I can tell you with upmost certainty that it won't change your life one little bit!

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  1. Think the world has gone mad. This country is obsessed with doom and gloom.

    CJ xx