Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The Florida Gators choked away a national championship last night! The number One ranked and highly favored softball team, with a veritable Murderer's Row lineup, left their bats in Gainesville and fell with merely a whimper to a huge underdog, the Washington Huskies. The Gators had been ranked number One most of the season and were expected to cruise to their first national championship in softball. But the games are played on the field and those lofty expectations meant absolutely nothing to the Huskies. Or, apparently, to the Gators, as the Huskies took only two games to win the best-of-three finals.
To be sure, the Huskies do have the national Player of the Year in Danielle Lawrie, but the vaunted Gator offense was supposed to be unstoppable. However, Gator after Gator after Gator walked forlornly back to the dugout after futile trys at hitting Lawrie's pitches. They managed to dent the plate twice in the first inning, but Lawrie shut them down and shut them out the rest of the way.
Taking nothing away from the fine Washington Huskie team, who played hard, hustled relentlessly and never stopped believing in themselves, this Gator team just pulled off one of the biggest choke jobs in the history of the NCAA! In fact, when they get back to Gainesville, they will probably still be gagging!!

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  1. or crying. They looked SO heartbroken afterward. In all fairness to your
    Gaters, Seattle Sports Media tried and failed to get a hit off Lawrie too: